Ashley Rundall

About Ashley Rundall

Ashley is fast – really fast. In fact, in the time it took you to read that, she already designed two websites and had a mid-morning snack. Ashley is also an accomplished illustrator, a former certified fitness trainer, a neat freak, new mother, and has never missed a visit to the dentist, as evidenced by her big smile (sunglasses sold separately). In addition to being talented, productive and efficient, Ashley is a Design Director creating unique visual solutions for identities, print collateral, and with a special emphasis on websites. Ashley has applied her talents to projects for companies like Sysco Corporation, Quanex Building Products, HTS and Albemarle. Ashley received her BA in Mass Communication Advertising Sequence from Texas State University and is an active member of AIGA Houston.


Designer’s envy. We’ve all had it. Even non-designers get it. It’s that feeling you get when you see something so brilliant or so simple that it is just plain genius that you wish you had thought of it.  Or maybe it’s just a beautiful design that is completely out of your comfort zone, and you’re so jealous that you can’t do that.

As a designer, seeing another designer’s excellent work is both good and bad – but either way, it’s motivating.

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As Art Director at Savage, I have the opportunity to work directly with a lot of clients. I’m particularly proud of the relationship we have with FlexSteel, an innovative pipeline solution company that develops durable, spoolable line pipe. We’ve had the opportunity to work with them for years, and I’ve learned a few valuable lessons from the way our relationship with them has grown and changed.

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I can still remember my senior year of college… building a portfolio, researching places I dreamed of working and sending countless pleas for an interview. I not only remember how nervous I was, but how clueless and unprepared I was for “a real job.” Now looking back, I wish I had someone to give me more direction on how to get interviews, prepare for them, what to do after interviews and the most important part, how to be good at the interview process. By no means do I have all of the answers, but I do have some useful tips that I would have greatly benefited from… and I hope that you can too.

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Work Is Fun

Posted by on September 27th, 2010

Savage is chockfull of hard working, dedicated individuals, but we like to have some fun, too. In an initiative to facilitate the little kid in all of us, we established a Fun Committee. I think this is such a great way to not only keep the fun in the workplace, but also to get to …

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A few of us were lucky enough to go the AAF luncheon yesterday and find inspiration in Patrick Coyne, the editor and designer of Communication Arts magazine. Communication Arts, or CA, is the leading professional journal for us creative folk. CA is well known throughout the industry for not only showcasing the best work but …

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