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You name it, he’s done it – played bass in a punk metal band, ran a 1,000-member, international, dual-sport motorcycle club, gone on archaeological surveys in Peru, served as Chief Technology Officer for the rock band, Pearl Jam, swam with sharks, and enjoyed hypothermic backcountry jaunts into the Olympics and Cascades. Okay, some of that was fabricated – it was a 987-member motorcycle club. Chad serves as Savage’s IT Director and Technology Consultant. Having custom-built a successful business focused on IT consulting prior to coming to Savage, Chad enjoins each Client's technical challenges and goals with the same customized and creative technical methodology.

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As today’s websites grow in their complexity and collaborative reach while production timelines shrink, Content Management Systems (CMS) have become very popular. As the technology director here at Savage, I help find and recommend content management systems for our clients when it’s appropriate. When it comes to finding the right CMS environment, perhaps the most important and long-lasting decision you will make is whether to select a Closed Source (Proprietary) or Open Source solution.

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The E-Wasteland

Posted by on September 2nd, 2010

If there is one thing a modern Creative Firm is associated with these days it is shiny computers running the latest in GUI-driven software. Application bundles such as Adobe’s Creative Suite that are the standard backbone of a Creative’s digital palette require hardware that can match their processor-intensive appetites and this translates to a hardware …

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