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Ingnite Ideas with Savage Links

We asked a handful of Savages (yes, that’s what we call our group of talented employees) to share some of their favorite online resources. What you’ll see here is an eclectic set of links that reflect our interests – branding, design, web, strategy and a bit of fun thrown in. We hope this sparks some new ideas for you.

Go ahead and explore these links and feed your own Savage mind.

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Giving a card

You may not be thinking of Facebook as a tool to help you grow your personal network, but (gasp), it can be used for more than just scouting out new restaurants to try, or envying a friend’s vacation photos. Whether you’re building up your network for career, business development or just personal relationship purposes, Facebook’s Graph Search can be an important weapon in your arsenal.

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Multi-ethnic casual people holding the tablet

Having a digital presence in this hyper-connected world is important, and increasingly, a larger part of that is happening on social media. This is great for brands looking to reach new audiences – but not always so great for the audiences they’re trying to reach.

Here’s why.

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Why No One is Reading Your Blog

Posted by on February 1st, 2013


You’ve done your research, you’ve carefully crafted a killer blog and you’ve published it on your website for all to see. Unfortunately, the only people who seem to be viewing it are the other employees in the marketing department to whom you sent a link. What gives?

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Modern virtual screen

Despite the ever-increasing popularity and, in fact, necessity of brands’ social media involvement, only 27% of companies have a dedicated social media-focused employee. For the rest of the business world, a marketing or communications professional has had social media tacked onto the rest of their duties. That can mean an overwhelming amount of work for one person, and often the brand’s online image suffers.

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