Facebook Marketing


While your Facebook content should always be interesting and useful to your audience, your message should also be tailored to further the goals that are most important to your brand: exposure, engagement or execution.

Which of these three are most important to you? Think about what would be most valuable to your overall marketing goals as you plan your Facebook interactions.

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Social Media keyboard

Social media can be an effective way to promote your brand message to a worldwide audience and engage customers on a personal level, but you may be wondering if your company’s content is a fit for the world of 140 characters or less. There are ways to re-purpose and optimize your content for social media, regardless of industry.

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Facebook: Is Your Brand Timeline Ready?

Posted by on March 30th, 2012

past, present, future, time concept on blackboard

Are you armed and ready for the big change on March 30, 2012? Or still trying to learn what “Timeline” actually means? No matter your situation, this guide will help you decipher upcoming changes to your brand’s Facebook page.

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Life was easy before social media. Your conversations with clients either stayed behind office doors, on the phone or a paper trail. Then email came into the picture with forwarding options and now Facebook (dare I say it?) with commenting on brand pages.

Whether you’re executing a highly strategized social media plan packed with marketable content or simply testing the waters by creating a static Facebook page to secure a piece of online real estate for future use, allowing comments on your brand page comes into question.

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Facebook has become a favorite in the communication toolbox for every industry from art to oil & gas. It’s even become a best friend to online marketers, sticking by our side with insights, demographics and targeted segmenting as we defend it in the executive office. So why now is it acting like a distant cousin?

Aimed to educate small businesses on how to “acquire and retain customers, build a community around their business, and reach new customers,” Facebook plans to provide 200,000 businesses across the country with a $50 boost in ad credits beginning January 2012.

That’s $10 million worth of free Facebook advertising that can possibly force your company to reevaluate its digital advertising budget!

With merely 9.2 million small businesses already advertising (of the 30 million registered in the United States), Facebook may cause your online ad budget to shift a tad. So what does this mean to your business? Increase in advertising costs? Inundated promotion of like services and products?

Being avid advertisers on Facebook, large businesses are left asking questions:

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