Facebook: Is Your Brand Timeline Ready?

Posted by on March 30th, 2012

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Are you armed and ready for the big change on March 30, 2012? Or still trying to learn what “Timeline” actually means? No matter your situation, this guide will help you decipher upcoming changes to your brand’s Facebook page.

What is Timeline?

Facebook Timeline is a scrapbook-style layout that allows you to chronologically organize your content. You can even edit previous posts to reflect an accurate date stamp.

What’s the interface like?

Timeline is a two-column interface with photos, status updates, friends and subscriptions. This interface provides users with a new experience and brands with a new opportunity to attract audiences.

What’s does this mean for my brand?

Facebook will switch all brand pages to the new Timeline layout on March 30, 2012, whether you’re prepared or not. However, a quick strategy session with your social media and design team can help your organization look good.

What will we need to do to get ready?

There are many updates, including a mandatory cover photo (a primetime, billboard-like image), the ability to add images to your current apps (for a better user experience) and a chance to backfill milestones within your company. If you’re a B2B company, this is where you can highlight industry awards, executive leadership and attractive media coverage.

What should we do first?

First of all, look at your competitors. Have they made the switch? How have they made their brand more attractive? Secondly, contact your social media manager and determine the best strategy for updating your page. Lastly, seek an online marketing firm for advice on how this change can benefit your inbound marketing needs.


For more details, take a look at this handy infographic to lead you in the brand page transition:



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