Like public relations or media relations, blogger relations are all about the relationship and how you treat it. Your content, personality and approach must be Smart. Fresh. Human.

Follow this quick, three-step guide to effectively develop a long-lasting relationship with bloggers within your industry to support a successful social media strategy:

Be Human.

How often do you enjoy talking to an automated telephone operator or customer service representative? Not much, I would imagine.

Automation is a great way to increase efficiency on the business side, but annoying and impersonal on the customer side.

If you apply this methodology to a blogger relations strategy, you’ll lose … the relationship, brand respect and future opportunities.

Be Fresh.

Are you treating prospective bloggers like a journalist? Talking fast, pitching a good story, sending a media release via e-mail? Treating your opportunity to build a long-term relationship as a story pitch may or may not work to your benefit.

If you’re a big brand or if you’re covering a controversial and urgent issue directly related to the bloggers’ audience, way to go!

If not, the benefit is what you should lead with when asking a blogger to partake in your project or campaign, especially if their influence reaches the exact audience you’re targeting or the value of their cooperation supports marketing initiatives.

Be Smart.

Nothing is worse than a deal or promise gone badly. When financing a blogger relations strategy with your marketing budget, it’s easy to reallocate funds to different projects. However, you must treat your bloggers as a top priority.

If not, you just found an easy way to attract bad media and customer backlash.

Simply verify availability of products, services or experts and executives against your overall budget once, twice and then once more again for a successful follow through.

No matter the brand, strategy or tools used, you must keep your content, personality and approach as interactive, relevant and honest as possible for a successful campaign. So try to apply the Savage methodology to your current social media content and gauge the response.

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